What is Colloidal Silver

For centuries, silver is known to fight infections, whether they be of the bacterial or viral kind. They are also known for being compatible with the human body, regardless of its many forms. Over the last eight years, these antimicrobial properties and compatibility with the human body of colloidal silver has been scientifically proven time and time again.

One such study that showed how colloidal silver can have positive effects on the body was a laboratory test done by researchers at Brigham Young University. Results revealed that isolated colloidal silver can be lethal to bacteria and virus but not to healthy, living cells. Among those organisms that were vulnerable to the actions of colloidal silver are staph, pseudomonas, anthrax, and HIV.


The use of colloidal silver in medicine is a bit of a controversial topic. In some circles, it is argued that the substance can have many adverse effects, especially when taken in large quantities. However, it should be noted that any type of drugs, when abused, is bad for a person’s health. The fact of the matter is that while colloidal silver has its risks, these risks pale in comparison to the dangers that some modern drugs present.

In an effort to minimize adverse reactions to colloidal silver, the EPA has set threshold limits. So long as you do not go beyond this well-outlined threshold limit, then you should be able to protect yourself against silver toxicity.

The Many Uses of Silver

While the use of colloidal silver is much debated upon, silver itself has long been used in water purification processes as well as allopathic medicine. Because of its antibacterial properties, hospitals in Europe use catheters coated with silver in order to help prevent infections.

A silver salt cream, silvadiene (silver sulfadiazine), is used by hospitals as burn cream to treat the most severe burn cases. The solution is said to help prevent infections and at the same time speed up the healing of the damaged tissues. Silvadiene has since gained worldwide acceptance as FDA-approved cream treatment for burns.

What is Colloidal Silver

Another FDA-approved silver solution is Silverlon, which is a dressing for wounds. What makes Silverlon remarkable is that, in order to speed up tissue formation for healing as well as prevent infections, the dressing delivers silver ions into the damaged tissues. Colloidal silver, for its part, is used by hospitals to purify the water supply as a means to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases brought by contaminants found in the water.

The uses of silver and colloidal silver are indeed many. As of the moment, there are no standards for its use inside the body, so it is essential for a user to exercise caution when taking this drug.

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