Ultra Colloidal Silver

Have you tried Ultra Colloidal Silver? Heard something about the name? Well, if not yet then I bet it’s now time for you to know everything about this newest wonder in the medical field.

The Ultra Colloidal Silver is basically one of the most famous lines of colloidal silver products designed and formulated by a company named, Source Naturals, Inc. Source Naturals has been on the business for long years now, and it’s worth knowing that on their years of experience, they have already marketed a number of dietary supplements and drugs that are so powerful for treating certain types of medical conditions. Most of their products are natural, and are formulated with the best and careful techniques possible. The Ultra Colloidal Silver is just one of their most preferred natural solutions.

Being natural, the Ultra Colloidal Silver is deemed safe to use. It has no known side effects, and was formulated with the use of a powerful and distinct electrical process known by Source Naturals itself as one of the best tools for ensuring amount of homogeneity and stability. This stability and homogeneity is often looked at the silver particles. Aside from that, the Ultra Colloidal Silver of Source Naturals, Inc. was crafted without any animal proteins and any artificial additive contents. Simply put, it has no yeast, corn, egg, dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, salt, preservatives, starch, flavor, fragrance, and artificial color.

Ultra Colloidal Silver

The Ultra Colloidal Silver is not formulated and offered for continuous use. It can be perfect for both children and adults, but just like the rest of colloidal silver products, it must not be over used. An over dosage of Ultra Colloidal Silver can lead to certain risks and complications so it is better to maintain the natural and perfect dosage allowed.

Speaking of dosage, it has been maintained that the Ultra Colloidal Silver when considered for children use should only be applied one half of the adult usage. So that means that since the adults are allowed to take two teaspoons a day, children should only take 1 teaspoon per day for no more than ten days of use. It can also be taken topically, if desired, but still not for continuous usage. But, for best results, the Source Naturals, Inc. itself suggested that the Ultra Colloidal Silver should be consumed on an empty stomach.

Now, if you happen to be pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important to consult with your medical practitioner first before you consider and take the Ultra Colloidal Silver. This is vital for the reason that colloidal silver has its own limits, and it might cause certain complications on you if it doesn’t cooperate with your bodily system and condition. That of course can be harmful. So to make everything safe, do the consultation first.