ProPur Big Water Filtration System 2.75 Gal

The ProPur BIG stainless steel water purification system is ProPur's most popular system and is ideal for the home, camping, or a small office setting. Includes two ProBlack-D water filter elements and can be expanded to 3 filters.

Available with several great additional options including:

fluoride filters (pair), 7.5" Sight Glass Spigot and/or wire stand

The new brushed stainless steel finish is now available. It looks just like the brushed stainless steel found on high end kitchen appliances. Brushed finish now available on Big and King systems.

Measurements on the ProPur BIG include: diameter - 9.25", nested height for storage or transportation - 12", in use height - 21.5". Storage capacity is 2.75 gallons.

The ProPur BIG water purification system features include:

  • 2 - ProBlack-D water filter elements but can be expanded to 3
  • Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel with no welds or seams.
  • All metal spigot
  • No more rings! Propur systems now come with a full size non-slip pad

Each ProPur BIG water filtration unit comes with two ProBlack-D Domed Hi-Performance water filter elements. Created by ProPur, these high quality filters are the result of years of research, design, and development. They consist of a ceramic composite with a special mix of carbon to provide the most efficient filtration possible, silver impregnated to prevent bacteria growth, and are self-sterilizing. These filter elements are good up to 3,000 gallons each before replacement. Easy to clean, trouble FREE, and require NO priming, the ProBlack-D water filter elements may be the best yet! Fits most competitive gravity type water purification systems. The ProBlack-D water filter elements are manufactured to remove pathogenic bacteria and cysts; in addition they have exceptional chemical removal properties.

Regardless if you are looking for a water purification system to store until events require its use, or whether you are looking for a purification system for daily use, ProPur will exceed your needs. No electricity required, simply pour the water to be purified in the top of the unit and it flows through the ProBlack-D filters fully purified and ready for drinking. Once you try it you will not settle for anything less. ProPur has taken great care in designing a non-drip spigot and the housing around the filter itself to avoid leakage and defect problems. Like all ProPur products, it is backed by their guarantee of customer satisfaction.