Make Colloidal Silver

Since the appearance of books and articles on colloidal silver more than two years ago, the public eye is turned once again on this much debated about antibiotic supplement. Now, colloidal silver products can be found on the shelves of almost every health store in the US.

Prices greatly vary. Before the recent furor over colloidal silver, one could pay as much as $10 per oz. of the solution. Today, while that there are still products well around that price range, you can actually get it for $5 per oz. and sometimes even for as low as $2.50 per oz.

Make Colloidal Silver

So what’s driving down the prices of colloidal silver?

The most obvious reason could be the number of colloidal silver generators that have recently cropped up. These devices are simple enough to build, making it easy enough for ordinary consumers to buy or make colloidal silver generators and produce their own colloidal silver supply.

However, to make colloidal silver generators is not as simple as you may believe. If this is not your first time to make colloidal silver, then the stuff you may be using might be an inferior product.

Consider the following critical factors when you make colloidal silver generators:

  • Particle size
  • Purity
  • Concentration
  • Cost

Cost is easy enough to determine. However, when it comes to particle size, purity and concentration, you need a laboratory analysis to get accurate results. To determine particle size, you need an electron microscope photograph. For Purity, mass spectroscopy or x-ray defraction analysis. And for concentration, it is best determined by analyzing the total dissolved solids.

The advantage when you make colloidal silver is that, even though laboratory testing might not be possible, you still have a good idea on how to control the four critical factors, which is more than what one can say about a lot of commercial products out there. Generally speaking, commercial products vary in their quality control per batch thus making it impossible, without laboratory testing, to determine whether you are really getting “real” colloidal silver or an inferior product.

To make colloidal silver generators, you need batteries (9-volt transistor radio batteries will do), some wires with insulation, pure silver (.999 fine), and glass container filled with distilled water which shall form your liquid base.

Moreover, when you make colloidal silver, pay special attention to the high quality of the water. This is because the water is an important factor in controlling how tiny the particle size of silver being produced. Use only high quality distilled water and avoid purified or filtered water since they contain high amount of dissolved solids.