Liquid Colloidal Silver

The precious metal, silver, is mined for several industrial purposes. It is utilized in jewelry, electronic equipment, dental fillings, silverware, disinfecting water, and photographic processing.

It should be noted that people are exposed to silver all the time. There are particles of silver too tiny for the naked eye to see found in our surroundings – the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food that we eat. It is also possible that we are exposed to silver in our work or in our hobbies.

While silver has no biological function in living organisms, silver has had some medicinal uses. For centuries it has been used as a form of allopathic medicinal drug to treat various illnesses. However, modern drugs have long since replaced silver in those uses.

Still, there are a few existing prescription drugs that contain silver. One good example of a silver-containing drug still in use is silver nitrate, which his used to prevent conjunctivitis, a condition of the eyes affecting newborn babies. Silver nitrate may also be used to treat skin conditions, such as warts and corns. There is also another drug, called silver sulfadizine, used to treat burns. Both these drugs are applied to the body. In other words, they are topical treatments and not taken orally.

Liquid Colloidal Silver

What is liquid colloidal silver?

Liquid colloidal silver is a silver product that contains silver particles suspended in liquid. While most liquid colloidal silver products are made of pure silver and liquid base, some may actually contain additives. For instance, liquid colloidal silver may contain proteins and coloring.

Most colloidal silver products are available as oral supplements, in which case they are considered as dietary supplements. However, there are some products that can be applied topically.

How it works

Colloidal silver has a bad reputation in conventional medicine. Many scientific circles have long held the traditional belief that the substance is toxic and should be avoided in place of more modern and less harmful drugs. However, proponents of alternative medicine have a different view all together. In fact, they are all praises for liquid colloidal silver as an antibiotic.

In the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, authors Phyllis A. Balch and Dr. James F. Balch wrote that colloidal silver can offer a safe and inexpensive way to protect yourself from infections.

According to Dr. Balch, topical application of colloidal silver can help “fight fungal infections of the skin or nails” as well as promote healing by speeding up tissue formation in burns, wounds, rashes, sunburn, and cuts. In addition to that, it can also be used to treat toothaches and mouth soars. Used as eye drops, it can help prevent infections of the eyes, such as conjunctivitis which can cause blindness in newborn babies.