How to Make Colloidal Silver?

For thousands of years, silver is known as a powerful antibiotic. In ancient Greece, they lined their eating utensils and drinking vessels with the metal in order to keep bacteria and other contaminants away. The pioneers of the American West used to place a silver dollar in a jug of milk so it remains fresh even without refrigeration.

Now, here’s a question that not many people think to ask: Why is silverware made from silver? The reason is that silver can kill bacteria in the span of six minutes or less from first contact.

How to Make Colloidal Silver?

With that said, colloidal silver consists of tiny particles of silver that are suspended in liquid. It is widely available today as a supplement although it has no FDA approval as of yet. The substance is said to prevent infections and help speed up tissue formation during the healing process.

Unfortunately, colloidal silver products available in the market today are sold around $30.00 or more. While some people may be able to afford that much if only to help boost the body’s immune system, $30.00 for eight ounces of beneficial colloidal silver can burn a hole in others’ pockets.

The good news is that how to make colloidal silver is a simple enough for a do-it-yourself plan. Here are the stuffs you need in how to make colloidal silver:

  • 3 transistor radio batteries (9 volts each)
  • 2 alligator clips (with insulation)
  • 1 “grain of wheat” 40 mA sub miniature incandescent bulb (24 volts)
  • 12 inches of 3/32” heat-shrink insulation tubing
  • 12 inches of 2-conductor stranded insulated wire for clip leads
  • 1 small box used as container
  • 10 inches of pure silver wire (.999 fine)

After you have gotten all that you need (it should cost you around $30.00), it’s time for you to construct the generator. Don’t worry; it’s simple.

The first step in how to make colloidal silver is to solder the three batteries to the snap-on battery clips. Make sure you solder them red to black. You now have 27 volts worth of battery power. Now, take your 24V incandescent lamp and connect it in series with either negative or positive output lead.

Next in how to make colloidal silver, solder the red-insulated alligator clip to connect it with the positive while the black-insulated alligator clip to the negative lead wires. To shrink down insulation in the soldered connections, just use a heat gun or a hair dryer.

Then, take your 10” silver wire and cut it to about half, bending the top ends. This will allow the wires to clip over the top rim of a glass. Make sure to use only plastic or glass, never metal.

And with that, your homemade colloidal silver generator is done. You’re now ready for the next step in how to make colloidal silver, which is to pour about eight ounces of water into the glass. Next, add one to two drops of saline solution. Stir using plastic or any non-conductive utensil.

Then, place the silver electrode wires into the solution, attaching the alligator clips to the ends over the rim of the glass. Notice a grey mist inside the glass and bubbles rising. At this point, the silver colloid of approximately 1 ppm is being created.

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