Summing Up the Real Dangers of Colloidal Silver

The advent of colloidal silver was a real surprise. No, don’t be misled. It isn’t a 20th century breakthrough; colloidal silver was in use as way back as the 1950s when US Navy Corpsmen include colloidal silver as among their prescribed treatments and described intricately on the Corpsman Manual. However, when the rumors that colloidal silver had caused Argyria were proved to be true, the mythical dangers of colloidal silver became connected closely with the horrors of metallic poisoning.

So what is this Argyria? Argyria is a condition that manifests when a huge concentration of silver is found on a human’s bloodstream. It can be acquired either by over-exposure of the element silver or ingesting colloidal silver over long periods on substantial doses (while advocates insist that only inferior colloidal silver solutions are more apt to generate Argyria). Since traces of silver in the bloodstream can be difficult to flush out of the body system, they deposit on visible parts of the body, usually on the epidermal layer like the skin.

However, Argyria is strongly believed to be only a cosmetic problem even by medical professionals. There is no poisoning in Argyria, and there are no adverse effects on suffering Argyria, except having a bluish gray skin tinge. No medical incident has been reported effected by colloidal silver.

Summing up the real dangers of colloidal silver, the only problem would be Argyria. If you can live having a slightly inhuman color tinge (pale blue does seem inhuman), then there’s no actual harm done. So why are the internet and any other media bent on spreading the dangers of colloidal silver?

The answer is profitability. Colloidal silver is a definite public domain, and it is extraordinarily easy to prepare. With elementary knowledge of series circuit, you can leech out the silver particles away from a pure silver wire, and pure silver wires are readily available at any electronics shop. So are the battery pack and some copper wires. And what does it bring to pharmaceutical giants and brand name funded researchers and scientists? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Perhaps the only evil that could be seen as pro-corporate is the vast and often superfluous campaigning of obscure brands that sell overhyped colloidal silver products, all claiming that colloidal silver heal AIDS, and can kill hundreds of pathogen causing diseases including streptococcus-A, salmonella typhus, cancer, gonorrhea, chronic fatigue, yeast infections, influenza infections, gum disease… name it, the silver wonder can kill it. Yes, the use of colloidal silver to kill microorganisms is well established, but don’t bet on it to defeat full blown infections and diseases. Don’t swallow whatever high profile advocates like Stan Jones throw at you, the real dangers of colloidal silver is misinformation, and misinformation may cost you your hope, wads of cash, and your skin.