Colloidal Silver Solution

You are probably already familiar with colloidal silver. You might have used it before, or you knew someone who did. But what exactly is a colloidal silver solution? And why is it practically the word of mouth among proponents of alternative medicine?

From Ancient Greece to the American West

Until 1938, colloidal silver solution was extensively used by doctors for the treatment of various illnesses, ranging from skin infections to the common colds. Silver was used even long before that. The Ancient Greeks were the first ones to recognize the significance of using silver for their eating and drinking vessels. And in the American West, the pioneers used to place silver dollars in a jug of milk to preserve its freshness.

Suspended Silver

A colloidal silver solution is simply silver particles suspended in a solution of water (usually distilled) through a process called electromagnetism. The small electric charges in each atom of hydrogen and oxygen found in water are apparently strong enough to resist the actions of gravity and thus, keep the silver particles buoyant.

This buoyancy is important since this is the very property that allows the colloidal silver to travel freely. When taken orally or simply applied topically, the silver particles are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and are carried by blood all throughout the body.

Colloidal Silver Solution


There are three types of silver colloids, all available in the market under the name of “colloidal silver solution.” These are ionic silver solution, silver protein, and true colloidal silver. The main difference between the three is their concentration of silver particles. It is said that the higher the silver particle content in a solution, the more beneficial it is for the body.

Out of all three types of silver colloids, the one having the most concentrated silver particles is true colloidal silver solution. Interestingly enough, because of its high silver particle content, true colloidal silver has low concentrations of ionic silver, which is the other form of silver content in a colloidal silver solution. Because of this, true colloidal silver does not cause argyria, a condition wherein the skin of the person who ingests unmitigated amounts of silver colloid turns a bluish-gray.

Determine Superior Types of Colloidal Silver

There are many methods of producing colloidal silver and they range from the simplest to the most complex. For the simple method, you only need a small generator, which you can make yourself using transistor radio batteries, wires, and clips.

Perhaps because of the ease with which one can produce silver colloids, there are many products out there that are not quite up to par with other superior-grade colloidal silver products in terms of quality. But because not many of us know how to determine good colloidal silver from the bad ones, some of us may end up paying more than what a product is actually worth. There is only one solution to that. Quality colloidal silver solutions are slightly amber in color and clear.