Colloidal Silver Side Effects

You probably have read several resources stating that colloidal silver is a safe form of antibiotic, meaning it can be taken by all means without causing any harmful side effects. Well, this claim is in the first place known throughout the medical industry. A number of medical experts have in fact supported that claims, then making the colloidal silver truly the number one solution for almost all kinds of medical conditions.

However, although it sounds too good to be true, colloidal silver is not at all time flawless. It can turn into something harmful and complicated especially if triggered. But what do I mean with “triggered”? Well, colloidal silver can cause certain serious side effects once taken not in moderate amount. Yes, just like the other health supplements and drugs out there on the market, the colloidal silver has its own properties that can be intense when not used properly. It is with this fact basically that the concept on side effects comes in.

So what are the possible colloidal silver side effects?

The colloidal silver side effects can only be evident once the drug is abused. One problem that has stood out as the most serious – the argyria.

According to a number of researches, the argyria is a condition characterized by skin discoloration. The discoloration is typically evident in the skin in a form of bluish-gray color, but it can also appear on the other organs of the body, including the nails, gums and deep tissues. What’s important to know about this particular side effect of the improper use of colloidal silver is that it can stay permanent and untreatable. It can’t be reversed, as what many studies have found out. This is basically what makes argyria the most serious of the colloidal silver side effects.

It is further worth noting that argyria occurs when the silver is taken and blends with protein in the system. The combination forms certain complexes on the body which in turn brought to be deposited into the skin and other organs of the body. Once deposited, the complexes will be processed by sunlight, leading to the discoloration of the skin.

Today, the argyria is the most unwanted side effect of colloidal silver. It’s no wonder that many of those who have considered the product take careful directions when taking the solution. Many have considered consulting their doctors first to identify whether the colloidal silver is perfect for them or not. Well, if you are thinking of doing this move, then great! You’ll be doing a great job.

Aside from argyria, there are a lot more know colloidal silver side effects, but these are typically normal and not so serious. The list may include headaches, skin irritation, stomach distress, seizures, and fatigue.