Colloidal Silver Lyme

Have you read certain cases about lyme disease? If so, then I bet you know that lyme disease is caused by a tick bite. Well, in the United States, lyme disease holds the throne for the most tick-transmitted diseases. It affects millions of Americans, both children and adults, and several studies have noted that it is most common during the warm weather days.

The lyme disease is by nature caused by a bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi. It is spiral in shape and affects a person once it enters the skin right at the portion where a tick bite occurs. It incubates itself inside the skin and after a few days or months, it reproduces and moves to the lymph nodes. Once they reach the lymph nodes, the bacterium disseminates directly through the bloodstream and to the other organs in the body. It feeds on the system, making the body weak.

Being a bacteria-caused disease, lyme is often treated by antibiotics. However, not all antibiotics work to fight against the borrelia burgdorferi. Penicillin and other antibiotics are even deemed not so capable of destroying all the bacteria brought by the tick bite. Well, it is for this fact that until these days, medical experts are continually seeking for the ultimate solution to lyme disease.

Speaking of ultimate solution, many have considered colloidal silver as a perfect treatment for the lyme disease. Well, this idea basically comes from the claims that colloidal silver is a super kind of antibiotic. It is naturally occurring particles that have the capability to kill more than 600 kinds of bacteria, virus and fungi in just a matter of six minutes. Yes, that quick. So being so powerful, many experts have considered colloidal silver for lyme disease.

Colloidal Silver Lyme

In fact, certain products containing colloidal silver are now marketed anywhere in the world these days to treat people affected by lyme disease. These products come with different labels though, but they are all known as colloidal silver for lyme related conditions.

Perhaps what’s more interesting to know about the colloidal silver for lyme disease is that it works to kill the borrelia burgdorferi in the safest manner. It does not attack the bacteria directly, but it targets the enzyme where the bacteria may depend on to survive. The colloidal silver for lyme disease destroys the enzyme by depriving it from oxygen, which in turn suffocates the bacteria. The absence of oxygen is what makes them die. The colloidal silver for lyme disease perform this role without harming the cells, making it one of the safest antibiotics available.

Although that said, it is important to remember that the colloidal silver for lyme disease is not yet scientifically proven. There is still no concrete evidence to support the positive claims as the clinical tests conducted were based solely on laboratory tests. Other than that, no study has revealed that the colloidal silver is really safe for people affected by lyme disease.

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