Colloidal Silver Generators

That silver is an effective antimicrobial agent cannot be denied. For thousands of years, silver has been used as a germ-fighting agent, utilized as decontaminant in water, preservative in place of refrigerators, and all-around disinfectant for lining cooking utensils and drinking vessels and coating surgical instruments.

Colloidal Silver Generators

A different and more “purified” form of silver available in the market today is colloidal silver. It consists of tiny silver particles that are suspended in a liquid base. This state of suspension is created because of the electrical impulses introduced by colloidal silver generators in a process called “electromagnetism.”

Basically, colloidal silver generators produce electrical charges which cause a magnetic reaction within the liquid base, causing the silver particles to become electrically-charged and thus be able to resist the normal action of gravity. As a result, these silver particles remain suspended in the water, making them easy for the body to absorb.

According to scientific experts, much of the significant fluids in the body, such as blood and lymphatic fluids, are actually colloids. That is, they are composed of tiny particles of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals suspended in liquid. This is so because the body can absorb nutrients, vitamins, and minerals when they are in a suspended state.

This discovery has led proponents of colloidal silver to believe that the best form of silver for the body to get the most benefit of should be colloidal. It should be noted, however, that there is yet no empirical evidence to prove the benefits of silver colloids produced from colloidal silver generators. At the very least, they are sold only as supplement and any therapeutic or medicinal claims they have are made without FDA-approval.

Nevertheless, it bears saying that there are many silver products available that have already gained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration. One example is a type of dressing for wounds which delivers ionic silver into the damaged tissue cells in order to promote healing and at the same time keep away infections. Once more concrete research is done on the health benefits of colloidal silver, it should not be long before this product, too, will attain FDA approval.

Meanwhile, there is no law prohibiting the use of colloidal silver products or colloidal silver generators to create your own colloidal silver solution. The FDA forbids the sale of silver colloids as over-the-counter drugs but they may be bought as dietary supplements. Unfortunately, some products available in the market today are inferior in terms of quality. That is, they contain very low concentrations of silver particles. Note that it is the silver particles that have antimicrobial properties. What’s more, these products are usually very expensive.

As an alternative, you can produce your own colloidal silver solution, using only a few pieces of pure silver wire (0.999%), batteries, connecting wires, and distilled water. These are all the materials you need to create your own colloidal silver generators.