Colloidal Silver for Acne

There are so many known treatments for acne, so why should you consider having colloidal silver for acne when this method hasn’t been backed by medical science?

The answer perhaps is affordability. Colloidal silver can be cheap; you can even home brew your own colloidal silver solution by means of a circuit that can leech out the silver in a pure silver wire. Hygiene is a separate and important matter to be met though, so home brewing should be practiced with discretion.

Another virtue of using colloidal silver for the treatment of acne is that colloidal silver is very well established as a bacteria killer, and colloidal silver as an antibiotic is extremely well received, albeit very controversial. And until recently it was found out that common over the counter antibiotic prescriptions, like amoxicillin can help the prevention of acne. The only problem of antibiotic usage is that it also kills off beneficial bacteria that reside within the human gut. With colloidal silver, it was said that the solution was friendly to beneficial gut dwellers.

Colloidal Silver for Acne

And you don’t have to ingest colloidal silver. Colloidal silver for the treatment of acne can be a topical bactericidal. We all know how acne develops into full blown lesions. It starts with the flaking of dead skin that gets the pores plugged up. This pores from time to time releases sebaceous fluid to moisten the skin, and when its outlet gets plugged, the fluid accumulates. The Propionibacterium Acnes, a bacterium that lives in the sebaceous glands then thrive on these fatty acids and results a lesion known as acne. Colloidal silver as topical bactericidal can be an effective bacteria killer thus eliminating the cause of acne.

Colloidal silver for acne is very promising, especially as a topical bactericidal. While there is already a wide array of products for the treatment of acne, ranging from topical antibiotics, to oral antibiotics, to hormonal treatments, to external and oral retinoid to skin exfoliating, this can be a costly expenditure, especially to adolescents and young adults who are the common sufferers.

The only thing to consider about colloidal silver for acne is Argyria. Repeated usage of colloidal silver can overwhelm the body’s ability to naturally dispose the element silver. Argyria is a condition when silver particles deposits on the skin tissue, especially on the epidermal layer, turning the skin color to blue or bluish gray.