Colloidal Silver Dosage

There is no standard colloidal silver dosage. Colloidal silver is classified as a pre-1938 product by the Food and Drug Administration. That means it is not a drug and not regulated as such. As a result of this, the colloidal silver dosages vary from person to person, depending entirely on user preference and user custom.

Colloidal Silver Dosage

Nevertheless, the use of colloidal silver goes way back even before the 20th century when new methods of producing silver solutions were developed. Back then, the only method available was to grind silver into fine dust and dissolve this powder in water. But because the silver particles are not tiny enough nor charged with electrical impulses (as present colloidal silver solutions), they have the tendency to settle at the bottom and not remain suspended for long.

So it was manifestly impossible for scientists before to gauge how much silver particles a person who is experiencing positive effects from it has consumed. It could be that he consumed only a very tiny amount since much of the silver particles were found at the bottom of the solution. Or it could be that he consumed much of it, since silver particles from fine powder have the tendency to stick together forming large clumps.

Today, modern technology makes it easier for us to produce colloidal silver. As a matter of fact, the best method to create colloidal silver is by way of electrolysis, wherein electricity is introduced into a water solution with pure silver wire soaked in it. The process allows the silver particles to get drawn out of the large silver wire and into the water solution where they remain suspended and resistant to the action of gravity. This makes it easier for experts to calculate, more or less, the colloidal silver dosage.

Now, depending on your purpose of taking the solution, colloidal silver quantity may again vary. For instance, if you are simply taking the solution as a mineral supplement, then the “standard” colloidal silver dosage is one tablespoon of 5ppm colloidal silver. This is roughly about 75 micrograms of silver, and considered safe to be taken on a daily basis.

While there are many people who take colloidal silver as a daily supplement, there are also those who take it only on a need basis. In this case, the generally accepted colloidal silver dosage is one ounce during a twenty-four hour period. This is called a “therapeutic” colloidal silver usage and again safe, if not taken for any extended period of time.

The above colloidal silver dosages apply only if the solution is taken orally. But colloidal silver may be used as topical treatment, and in fact, this is one of its most common uses. Colloidal silver quantity for this method of application is usually smaller than when taken orally.

Colloidal Silver Uses