Colloidal Silver Clinical Tests

As of today, there are apparently no colloidal silver clinical tests that are backed and officially recognized by the FDA. There are, however, several private and public institutions, scientific literatures, and lab testing (at least in a lab setting) that support this wonder drug positively (or negatively in occasional instances).

That means colloidal silver is relatively unproven, despite overwhelming success stories that tout colloidal silver is a wonder drug that can cure diseases. If you are considering to supplement your health regimen with colloidal silver, it is best to consult any health practitioner first.

Why is a tentative approach for colloidal silver being recommended? Everything explains. Here are the facts about Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal silver has seen extensive use over the years, as early as the middle ages. It was found that silver prohibits the propagation of simple cell organisms, mainly by ceasing its oxygen metabolism function. However, due to the advent of penicillin and the discovery that silver causes Argyria, colloidal silver ceased being used extensively in medicine. All these support colloidal silver’s property as a microbe killer.

Colloidal Silver Clinical Tests

However, silver has no known function (aside from preventing microbes’ propagation) in the body, unlike several other metallic elements like zinc and copper. And unlike copper and zinc, deficiency in silver leads to absolutely nothing.

It is found out that colloidal silver is hard to flush out in the system. Furthermore, accumulation of the substances leads to an irreversible skin condition known as Argyria. Though only believed to be a cosmetic problem, several medical professionals are still on the case of these silver deposits in the body to have ill effects on the body. These ill effects include kidney damage, stomach distress, headaches, fatigue and skin irritation, which though at large may also be unsubstantial because of no medical backing.

Again, there are no clinical trials using colloidal silver that are backed and officially recognized by the FDA. And if there would be some occurring soon, it will still be moot point. Take note that the FDA has been taking action against those colloidal silver retailers that makes unwarranted drug claims for their products. And also take note that the effects of Argyria are real, but the healing claims are still inconsistent and biased.

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