Colloidal Gold and Silver

Colloidal gold and silver are both marketed throughout the world these days as two of the most effective solutions to almost all types of diseases. It is used by hundreds of people throughout the world and it’s worth noting that many of those who have used it ended up feeling happy and relieved.

The colloidal gold and silver are two different types of solution. They have different properties and uses, and they differ significantly on the degree of quality and strength. On one hand, the colloidal silver is said to be an effective antibiotic. It has the capability to kill more than 600 infectious organisms that thrive in the body, causing medical problems. Aside from that, several researches have revealed that unlike the other antibiotics, like penicillin, the colloidal silver is so potent for stimulating the immune system, and it is even perfect for wounds and burns as it helps to heal and repair the damaged tissues and cells in the skin.

Colloidal Gold

There is more to colloidal silver than what is mentioned above. According to a number of claims, the solution can help tone the body and enhance the health of bones and joints. It is also good for eye problems, including sinusitis, sore throat, and flu. It also works to treat skin ulcers, and today, majority of the purified water producers use colloidal silver to keep the water fresh, clean and bacteria-free.

On the other hand, the colloidal gold has its own boosting properties. Just like the colloidal silver, it helps to strengthen the immune system. More than that, the colloidal gold is noted to be a perfect enhancer for the absorption of nutrients, regeneration of tissues, as well as circulation. Many have also claimed that it is a powerful anti-aging agent.

The colloidal gold also has excellent properties of alleviating stress. Recent researches also have noted that it helps to improve brain function. In what way? Well, the colloidal gold once applied opens the paths in the brain and boost the neural transmitters. In this way, it controls the rhythm of the heartbeats and works to help the glandular system to function as normal as possible. As a result, the colloidal gold harmonizes the nervous system which is in turn capable of improving the brain function. In addition, the colloidal gold helps to improve the person’s memory.

Colloidal Gold and Silver

As you may notice, both the colloidal gold and silver play a great role in the immune system. Well, as far as I know, it is such field where the colloidal gold and silver work best, no wonder that they are now distributed in the market as immune system boosters. It is further nice to know that the colloidal gold and silver are both deemed safe to use.