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Colloidal silver is small enough to be able to bypass the digestive process and enter the bloodstream. It is formed through an electromagnetic process which pulls tiny particles of silver from a larger sample of pure silver into a liquid base (usually distilled water).

After electrolysis, these silver particles remain in suspension because the electric charge in each atom is stronger than the actions of gravity, preventing them from settling at the bottom of the container. This then allows the particles to move freely about in the body.

Buy Colloidal Silver

The most important benefit of colloidal silver is its antimicrobial properties. For years, silver colloids have been used for a wide variety of treatments, including treatment for diseases such as skin infections and colds.

However, in 1938, the use of colloidal silver was suppressed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) apparently because of its reported toxicity although many believe that it was because the solution was threatening the antibiotics industry.

As a result, colloidal silver received the status of a pre-1938 drug, which means that you can buy colloidal silver in the market but only in the manner that it was used and in the manner that it was manufactured. In other words, makers of colloidal silver cannot make any medicinal or therapeutic claims about their products without having the FDA knocking at their door.

Recently, however, there have been several silver-based products that FDA has approved as having medicinal benefits. Among these are silver nitrate and a bandage that directs silver ions into the affected area to speed up healing and prevent infections.

With this current trend, it looks like colloidal silver may soon gain ground in conventional medicine. But until then, you can buy colloidal silver only as a dietary supplement.

Below are a few websites where you can buy colloidal silver:

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There are many more places where you can buy colloidal silver. But the above mentioned sites are two of the biggest online shopping sites out there. If there is one place you would like to start, then why not check those two out. An alternative would be to go directly to the websites of colloidal silver manufacturers and order from them.

Modern medicine has supplied many great advances such as antibiotics to treat infectious diseases.  However, with many of these medicines representing foreign compounds our body was never designed to metabolize, there can be long-term side effects such as liver toxicity associated with systemic use.  At the same time, many antibiotic-resistant bacteria have come into existence that have limited the effectiveness of modern antibiotics.  As a result, many people have looked to buy colloidal silver as a way of increasing their resistance to disease.

Silver is a simple, naturally occurring element that has been long acknowledged by the medical community to effectively kill bacteria.  Many medical device companies will even use silver coatings on their devices to prevent infection.  However, since there is no patent on silver to treat bacterial diseases, drug companies have no incentive to promote its use in the medical establishment.

Silver solutions can be very simple to make with many colloidal silver generators on the market.  These generally consist of a thin piece of silver wire which is hooked up to a small electric current.  As the current flows, the silver will slowly leach into the water, creating a silver solution. 

These generators are great for survival situations when access to commercial colloidal silver could be restricted, and can provide the product with a much lower price.  However, with these simple generators it is often hard to control the particle size as often you will get ionic mixed with colloidal silver.  For the most precise results one generally will want to buy colloidal silver from a dedicated manufacturer so that it is in its most potent form.

While there is a variety of debate in the alternative health care community as to the most effective particle size, I have found the most compelling data favors silver hydrosol formulations at a uniform concentration of 10 ppm.  These formulations have over 96% bioavailability (meaning they effectively get into the bloodstream) versus 15%-65% for most traditional colloidal silver products.  In these solutions the silver typically maintains a distinct positive charge and exists more as a solution than a suspension.

One big advantage of buying colloidal silver hydrosols is that these products tend to avoid the agyria associated with traditional colloidal silver.  Agyria is the condition associated with the inability of the body to metabolize large amounts of silver in certain individuals, leading to a blue tint of the skin.  There are some stories that the term "blue blood" comes from the fact that wealthy families would eat with silver spoons and drink out of silver cups and their skin would get a blue tint associated with agyria.  This condition is believed to be caused by impurities in the silver solution, so high purity silver hydrosols such as Sovereign Silver are believed to not cause the skin to turn blue.

Other than agyria there are no known side effects of colloidal silver.  If one were to buy colloidal silver in a pure hydrosol form this risk should be minimized.  The other great advance of silver is that it does not require a prescription, making it an ideal alternative remedy for many common infections.

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