ProPur - The Best Water Filtration System

ProPur provides you with the new gold standard of water filtration systems. ProPur takes the traditional gravity filtration systems and updates it for the best water filtration system of 21st century. The ProPur Water Purification Systems with its new carbon domed filters are stronger and last longer than anything currently on the market.

  • Made from one piece of stainless steel so there are no seams and welds to crack, leak or rust!
  • Portable and requires no electricity.
  • Silver impregnated filters to prevent bacteria growth and self-sterilizing.
  • ProBlack-D water filter elements fits most gravity water purification systems.
  • Eliminates or reduces bacterias and other unwanted contaminants.
  • The ProBlack-D Domed filters are NSF-42 certified.

Gravity filtration is the best water filtration system! Unlike reverse osmosis or distillation, the ProPur filters do not eliminate the beneficial minerals naturally found in water. Reverse osmosis systems also require an ultraviolet (UV) light to kill bacteria such as e-coli and giardia. This makes the reverse osmosis systems harder to maintain and less mobile.

The Best Water Filtration System

Whether for daily use or for emergency preparedness; whether you want to purify river water, well water, pool water, stream water, rainwater, swamp water or simple tap water ProPur water purification system is the answer.

The key to the success of the ProPur water filtration units are the the ProBlack-D Domed Hi-Performance water filter elements. Created by ProPur, these high quality domed filters are the result of years of research, design and development. They consist of a ceramic composite with a special mix of carbon to provide the most efficient filtration possible, silver impregnated to prevent bacteria growth and are self-sterlizing. These filter elements are good up to 3,000 gallons each before replacement. Easy to clean, trouble FREE and require NO priming, the ProBlack-D water filter elements may be the best yet! Fits most competitive gravity type water purification systems. The ProBlack-D™ water filter elements are manufactured to remove pathogenic bacteria and cysts, in addition they have exceptional chemical removal properties.

ProPur Traveler Water Filtration System 1.7 Gal

ProPur Big Water Filtration System 2.75 Gal

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