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My name is Liis Leismann. I'm always being interested of food and especially healthy food. My grandmother grows all her vegetables and fruits herself and gives our family advice how to eat healthy. I have had some health problems and that has made me to go around and look for the solutions. I have worked with doctors in Estonia, Denmark, Brussels and France. I have building up lot's of knowledge on that specific area. But finally what I learned is that only you can do something for yourself. You need to be smart, listen others but make your own decisions.

I think that many health problems are caused because of food and chemicals what are inside the food. Also misunderstanding the importance of vitamins - how much we need them in our everyday lives. There is so much what we don't know but what we should know to live healthy and long. I have find many secrets - how to be slim, how to lives long and healthy, what food makes us sick, what doctors don't want we know ... I want to shear that all with you.

healthy food
healthy food

Safe Food:

Organic food? Food was food. Thanks to agribusiness and advanced agricultural science, it was plentiful, cheap, luscious looking … and that’s all that counted. By the mid-1990s the organic trend had moved into its early growth stage. Yet, when the first big wave of the chemical-free food movement began to hit the mainstream, it was derided as merely a fad, a self-indulgent affectation of well-heeled liberals. That was then. Today, eating organic has moved solidly into the mainstream. More than just a healthier choice, eating organic has become a form of practical self-defense ...

Our food itself is polluted with antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and glyphosate. What can we do to overcome and remove these poisonous substances from our bodies? I have found one substance that could help - colloidal silver. For centuries, silver is known to fight infections, whether they be of the bacterial or viral kind. They are also known for being compatible with the human body, regardless of its many forms. Over the last eight years, these antimicrobial properties and compatibility with the human body of colloidal silver has been scientifically proven time and time again.

Several and several studies have showed how colloidal silver can have positive effects on the body was a laboratory test done by researchers at Brigham Young University. Results revealed that isolated colloidal silver can be lethal to bacteria and virus but not to healthy, living cells. Among those organisms that were vulnerable to the actions of colloidal silver are staph, pseudomonas, anthrax, and HIV.

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